Since over 14 years, Colt Cabana has entertained crowds all around the globe as a professional wrestler. Colt is funny, charismatic and a skilled mat technician. This combination eventually led to Colt signing a contract with WWE. Colt is currently a proud alternative and independent performer. Colt is a sought-after wrestler because of his unique comedic style and crossover appeal.

Colt is regularly seen in Australia, Canada and other countries. Colt can be seen wrestling anywhere, from burlesque comedy shows such as Lucha VaVoom to underground cult events like ICP's Gathering of the Juggalos. His wit and humor have been used in shows like Marc Maron's WTF and Chicago's Second City Main Stage.

Colt refuses to conform and has carved his own path, whether it be podcasting, comedy or wrestling. We no longer have to accept American corporate pro wrestling as the only option. Be unique and different. You can do what you want! Colt is not here to have fun with pro-wrestling... but to have fun with it.

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